5 Ways to Get Abs at Home and Increase Your Flexibility

Ways to Get Abs at Home

It is time to know different ways to get abs at home and lose your flab with new and simple exercises. You can do these exercises at home they are different from your regular workouts. These ab exercises not just help you get a six-pack, but also help you maintain strong abs and helps you get rid of back pain, increase your agility, and enhances your flexibility. The author of Beat the Gym and the Exercise Physiologist says that now it is the time to get your abs strong and fight the fat.

Now, stop wasting your time doing 2,000 fast-paced crunches every single day, it is time to find ways to get abs at home. Instead of doing heavy and ripping exercises hold back and focus on getting most output from each workout session. The professional trainers say that concentrated and slow effort allows you to build sets of quality moves and also allows you to achieve them quickly.

To obtain strong abs you should follow both intense exercises and diet, and both plays important roles. When you can follow the best ab exercises, then the reward that you get is a beautiful set of abs that make everyone envy of you. Here you can find simple ways to get abs at home that can help

1. Spiderman Plank Crunch

This exercise you can do at any place. Get into the standard plank position placing your forearms on and put your body completely straight. Now, put your right knee front towards your right elbow, and then come back to the plank position. You must repeat the same procedure with your left knee and put forward towards your left elbow vice versa. You must do alternate sides for ten total reps.

According to the professionals, the plank is one of the best ways to get complete exercises to build perfect muscles. This training allows you to work back and front of your stomach and to do this exercise you don’t need equipment. In Spiderman plank crunch you will use for your obliques, lower back, and abdominals. It is a simple yet very effective exercise that can help you get perfect abs.

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2. Unilateral Powerhouse

Unilateral powerhouse is the great exercise and one of the best ways to get abs at home as it allows you to target the deep core muscles and highlights good posture. Before doing this exercise do:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • 2o dumbbells traitor rows
  • 20 transverse pullbacks
  • 8 split-squats along with dumbbell chop
  • 20 dumbbell above your head press with a twist, which means hold weights in both hands by the dumbbells on each side
  • 30 suitcase walking leap along with dumbbell on each side
  • Side plank with dumbbell on each side 15 times
  • 8 one leg squats with dumbbell sideways raise, which means hold weight in hand on the leg side where you do the squats on each side

3. Cable Rotation

In this exercise, hold the rope with both hands, the position should be just below your shoulder height. Put your arms straight, and your abs occupied, now, move your upper body the left side, and then bring it back to center, now, again move to the right and vice versa. This entire process is one rep, and you have to do alternate sides ten total reps.

As per the professionals, this exercise aims the obliques, and sports people mostly perform it. The cable rotation is a great exercise for tennis players, golfers, baseball players and to the individuals who love racquet sports. Even if you are not a sportsman still do your exercises thinking like an athlete so that you will get better results.

4. Stretch Workouts

Stretch is for abs and shoulders exercise that helps you build muscle fast. You don’t need any crunch for this workout. In this stretch workout, your entire body will get stretched, and it gives much better results and strong abs than crunches, even if you do a hundred crunches. You should follow below steps to perform the exercise:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • Twenty Transverse Pullbacks
  • 10 push-ups to side plank straight-arm
  • 20 leg pendulums with side planks on each side (Lift your leg up and move front and back from the hip)
  • 20 supermans
  • 15 dumbbell flys with side plank on each side

You must hold the plank in each position for 15 seconds, including lifting your right leg, forearm plank, put your right arm back to hip, lifting your left leg. You should continue this by lifting your left leg and right arm, lifting right leg and left arm, forearm plank vice versa.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

5. Bicycle Crunch

You should lay down on your back and put your hands behind your head, and raise your legs and place them in 90 degrees angle. Swap sides by placing your right elbow against your left knee and place your left elbow against your right knee and stay in this position up to 60seconds. Hold the crunch on each side to strengthen a stable and slower movement.

According to professionals, in this exercise, you are aiming all three top parts at the same time. It includes a standard crunch; the reverse crunch targets the lower abs and the side-to-side movement that targets the obliques.

In Conclusion

You can obtain impressive abs and six pack quickly without spending a lot of money on training and personal trainer, and now you know different ways to get abs at home easily. Home is the best and serene place to get perfect abs. To obtain the perfect body, the only exercise is not enough; you should also maintain a proper diet and eat the foods that allow you to burn the fat content quickly through workouts.

The expert personal trainers say that if you have too much fat and it covers the ab muscles, then you can never see your beautiful muscle. You should work on burning the fat otherwise no matter how many workouts you do you won’t see the abs. That is why it is important to eat healthy food and perform cardio and heavy weight training to reduce the fat and build muscles. It can also help you lose overall weight.